Healthy Relationships Workshop

What is a healthy relationship? Can a relationship be healthy, but rarely demonstrate unhealthy signs? What determines a healthy relationship? These are questions I ask myself at random times because I do, like most people I know, understand that there is not a simple answer to any of these questions. Having disagreements are natural, right? Yeah, but there is a healthy way to communicate and to handle these types of situations. The Women’s Resource Center will be hosting a workshop that answers many of these questions and many more common questions and concerns that people may have. Ruben from SHAC will be discussing different kinds of relationships and talk about what is healthy and what is not, how to build a base of equality and respect among significant others, and how to maintain a healthy relationship. This workshop will be open to questions and discussions hosted in the WRC group from 12:00-1:00 on February 22. You can sign up here: /react-text


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