About Us

WRC Goals

  1. Educate university policy makers, students, faculty, staff, and the public regarding issues that affect women focusing especially on the interaction of sex, gender, race, class, and other forms of oppression.
  2. Plan special events that enhance, support, and empower women on campus and in the local community.
  3. Educate, support, and provide a safe space for women on campus through cultural and educational programming.
  4. Provide peer education, mentoring, and scholarship opportunities.

Programs & Services

Women’s Resource Center (WRC) programs and services are available to all students, staff, and faculty of UNM as well as community members unless otherwise noted.


*Actively promote educational and employment equity for women on campus.
* Promote the establishment and enforcement of policies and procedures which address issues of institutionalized sexism & racism, sexual harassment, and all other forms of discrimination in the classroom, on campus, and beyond.

Crisis Intervention

Immediate support and referrals for any student, staff, or faculty.

Family-Friendly Computer Pod

The WRC Computer Pod is a family friendly environment which exists to assist student-parents in reaching their educational goals.

Film Series

Opportunities to view films that reflect the diversity, common threads, and importance of women’s experiences around the world.


The WRC houses information on a wide variety of topics including campus and community resources.

Breastfeeding Support Program/Lactation Stations

Resource and referral information for new and breastfeeding mothers. Lactation stations, some with hospital grade pumps, are available around campus.


Mentorship programs such as Women in STEM, Women in Health, and Impact help promote professional development.


Student-edited newsletter featuring the WRC events & programs calendar, student articles, resources, and related local, state, national & global events.

Peer Support Groups

Address a variety of issues affecting women on campus and in the community relating to substance abuse & recovery, body image, and academics.


*To campus academic support services
*To personal or academic campus and community counselors
*To sexual harassment counselors and advocates
*To women’s health services
*To legal services
*To sexual assault counselors and advocates
*To community resources
*To child care providers
*To scholarship and financial aid resources
*To just about anything you might need

Sabrina Single Mothers Scholarship

Need based scholarship available to registered undergraduate and graduate students at UNM who are single mothers.

Safe Space

The WRC offers a safe space where everyone is welcome.

Special Events/Major Conferences

The WRC sponsors educational conferences and special community events to culturally and academically enrich campus and community life.


This timely student designed website features news, events, resources, and the WRC newsletter.


Designed to provide personal improvement and skill building in a variety of areas including computer literacy and personal wellness.

Video Library

Contains information on media literacy, gender roles and issues, sexual assault/date rape, domestic violence, women in the global economy, women’s health, and much more. New videos are added each year. Please call ahead of time for viewing policy, 277-3716.

* Some Peer Support Groups are women-only in order to provide a safe environment for participants.

WRC and Academics

As a student affairs department, the UNM WRC believes that learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom. To this end, the WRC works in partnership with academic units to enhance the UNM experience. The WRC is dedicated to offering a variety of learning opportunities through its programming and services. The WRC maintains a particularly close relationship with the UNM Women Studies Program. Women Studies offers an interdisciplinary major or minor through coursework that examines the diverse cultural, historical, and social experiences of women.


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