I Love Female Orgasm

  As a young woman, I was bombarded with messages on the do’s and definitely on the don’ts of sexuality. This led me and other young folks around me to at the very least ignore and at the very worst fear questions I had about sex, consent and sexuality. This sentiment changed when I was … Continue reading I Love Female Orgasm


Healthy Relationships Workshop

What is a healthy relationship? Can a relationship be healthy, but rarely demonstrate unhealthy signs? What determines a healthy relationship? These are questions I ask myself at random times because I do, like most people I know, understand that there is not a simple answer to any of these questions. Having disagreements are natural, right? … Continue reading Healthy Relationships Workshop

Peer Educator Program Interest and Planning Session!

The WRC and LoboRESPECT's collaborative Peer Education Program will be holding an interest and planning session from 12-1 on Thursday, February 2nd, in the WRC's group room. The Peer Education Program shows students how to promote social justice, develop advocacy skills, think and act creatively to reach various audiences, spread awareness of gender issues, bystander prevention and … Continue reading Peer Educator Program Interest and Planning Session!

Peer Educator Program Brunch

The LoboRESPECT Advocacy Center along with the Women’s Resource Center would like to invite you to join the LoboRESPECT Peer Educator Program! The LoboRESPECT Peer Educator Program is designed to provide individuals with the tools, knowledge, and skill sets to effectively present trainings and workshops on sexual violence prevention, hate bias and discrimination prevention, alcohol … Continue reading Peer Educator Program Brunch

Alternatives to Tampons and Pads

The average woman uses about 10,000 sanitary menstrual products in her lifetime. This means about 20 billion disposable menstrual products end up in North American landfills alone each year. If that’s not reason enough to consider greener alternatives, big-name conventional tampons and pads have also been shown to contain potentially harmful and even carcinogenic ingredients … Continue reading Alternatives to Tampons and Pads